Androgogic's response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Androgogic is committed to providing high quality online learning systems and services through the COVID-19 crisis and supporting our client partners and our staff to the very best of our ability.

 Examples of the way we have been able to help thus far include:

  • Invoking our corporate Business Continuity Plan (BCP) early and taking active steps to increase our network capacity, protect our client-partners and our staff
  • Helping our client-partner Medcast by rapidly increasing the capacity of the Totara Learn LMS installation to support a tenfold jump in load as they start they work with the government to train 20,000 nurses in intensive care 
  • Working with our content partner, Go1 to distribute free COVID-19 courses to our client partners and launching 'Androlearn' to allow client-partners with older Totara versions without the Content Marketplace to access free online learning related to the Coronavirus.
  • Supporting more than 60 Australian hospitals using Totara on our network
  • Fast tracking a research project with the Melbourne Academic Centre for Health (MACH), Alfred Health and Eastern Health to use the Androgogic Androlytics xAPI LRS to switchboard compliance course completion data auto-magically between hospitals. Healthcare personnel can focus on the difficult fight with C19 and not have to repeat training as they move between institution hospitals.
  • Helping our own staff (the 'Androgogues') with supporting resources, curated news and lots of discussion

Where next?

Before Easter, Androgogic's COO, Michael Fraser who has been coordinating Androgogic's work to help our staff and our client-partners through the crisis said,

"While we have seen downward movement on the curve in Australia re COVID it is not yet certain whether this the result of reduced imported cases or effective social distancing, or whether it will continue, and I suspect anyone who thinks they know with certainty what we will be doing in 1, 2 or 3 months is most likely wrong. For now we are continuing to assess circumstances as they change, and move in as agile a fashion as possible."

Androgogic will continue to serve all our partners and staff for as long as it takes to come out the other side. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if we can assist in any way. 

Please also refer to our curated list of COVID-19 resources.