4 great reasons to upgrade your LMS

The world of software moves fast, and systems that were once shiny and new quickly become left out when it comes to the latest features and the most up to date protection. Here are 4 reasons to be happy that it’s time to tackle that next upgrade. 

#1 Bug fixes and security patches

In the wake of data breaches hitting the global community hard, organisations everywhere are making the commitment to increase their security…which among other things means patching! 

Regular minor version updates to your learning systems give you both improved functioning - from bug fixes and feature patches - as well as allowing  critical security updates to be deployed in a timely fashion.

Androgogic’s client-partners benefit from a regular patching cycle, ensuring that security patches are deployed, and the associated vulnerabilities fixed,  as quickly as possible.

#2 New features

The latest Androgogic Edition of the Totara Talent Experience platform offers a host of improvements, new features, and bug fixes, for example

  • Enhanced matching logic within Androsync gives you more granular control when matching user records. 
  • We make it even easier for you to award, revoke, and update badges
  • Changes to the course completion dashboard make it faster to see exactly what you need to see, when you need to see it

Androgogic works closely with Totara and our Client-Partner Community groups to ensure that new releases of our platform are aligned with our client-partners’ goals and workflows. Our systems are always evolving, growing with you and for you.

#3 Update your look and feel

Does your LMS look as shiny as it did when you launched it? A major version upgrade is usually a great time to update your graphics and theming, since underlying changes often mean that theme work will be required in any case. Then when the system is available to learners again, they’ll be greeted with a snappy, elegant look and feel to go with the new features in their LMS (but don’t forget to update your user tours so that learners know where to go!)

#4 Keep your data clean

Making major version upgrades to your systems doesn’t just keep the software within supported life. These reviews give you a chance to take a big picture perspective, and the opportunity to spring clean your data and processes. 

  • Do you have a bunch of users taking up disk space that haven’t logged in for a while? Take the opportunity to suspend their user accounts or follow them up. 
  • Is there a process or workflow causing bottlenecks? Now is the time to ask your friendly support team if there’s an easier way. 
  • Do you find yourself maintaining courses that nobody uses? Audit your learning offerings and save yourself time in the future.
  • Take some time to review your reports: are they showing you what you need to see? Try out Androgogic’s AndroExport feature if you need an even more granular view of your learning. 


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