Ambulance Victoria wins at LearnX Live 2022

Androgogic is pleased to share that Ambulance Victoria won Best eLearning Project at LearnX Live at the end of last year. 

LearnX Live is a trusted awards program which recognises excellence in Learning and Development. Run since 2008, the summit and awards show are highly attended every year. This year, Androgogic and client-partners won 9 awards across a variety of award segments.

Ambulance Victoria is a leading edge provider of emergency services, telehealth support, ambulance transport and non-urgent patient transport. Ambulance Victoria prides itself on giving patients the right care, at the right place, at the right time. Their clinical expertise underpins their lifesaving support for patients.  

The opportunity

 Ambulance Victoria required an LMS platform to deliver virtual, live, and blended training with a seamless and positive user experience for administrators and learners. The project was structured to reduce costs from maintaining separate systems, delivering training, and preparing new learning initiatives. 

To do this, they required that data be migrated to a new learning platform, with secure permissions-based roles, sophisticated reporting capabilities, and the ability for Ambulance Victoria staff to self-drive their own learning. 

The solution

Androgogic employed a number of strategies which have been developed and refined over hundreds of Learning Platform implementations to create a smooth transition to the Totara Talent Experience Platform for Ambulance Victoria. 

Below, we’ve noted some of the highlights.


Learners were able to self-register for the platform, while other accounts were automatically provisioned by integrating Ambulance Victoria’s upstream HR systems with the Platform. New users of all types are automatically checked against existing accounts to avoid duplication. 


All course materials for virtual, face-to-face, and blended training are now maintained on the one Platform. Users are alerted to any recommended or mandatory training using the Audiences feature in the Totara Talent Experience Platform, which allows learners to be grouped together based on dynamic criteria. Certifications, or learning that must be repeated periodically, is also now automatically tracked by the system, including the rollout of notifications for learners, reducing workload for administrators. 

Data integration

The need for any manual data entry has been virtually eliminated with the implementation of Androgogic’s data integration toolset Androsync. Androsync makes it easy to bulk create and update user accounts, upload user data, migrate completions, and enrol users in learning. Androsync’s sibling toolset Androexport allows data to be sent from the Platform to external systems such as Business Intelligence tools, so that you have the ultimate control over your data. 

Reduce support costs

The Ambulance Victoria team were able to create, edit, and upload learning content without external assistance. Notifications and reports could be automated so that once they were set up, they would be sent out as needed. Setting up dynamic audiences meant that once a user fit particular criteria, they could be assigned roles in the system, or enrolled in learning that was relevant to them. 

Automating all of these things using the Totara Talent Experience Platform means that the Ambulance Victoria team could reduce their support costs and reduce the time spent conducting routine administrative tasks on the Platform. 

The results

The implementation of the Totara Talent Experience Platform for Ambulance Victoria was a resounding success. In the first 10 months, the number of courses available for learners increased by more than 700. The user uptake was also substantial, with more than 1100 new active users participating in learning on the platform.

By integrating separate systems, Androgogic and Ambulance Victoria have replaced slow, manual processes with seamless automation, and reduced administrative overhead.

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