Analyse your learning data

Proving ROI in Learning and Development is an uphill battle. Analysing learning data can help you win it. Whether it’s analysing engagement, measuring uptake, or auditing certifications, reporting capabilities in an LMS are paramount.

Reporting in Totara

Reporting in your LMS should be flexible, configurable, easy, and accurate.

Flexible reporting allows different users to see the information they need to see. Whether a CEO is seeing high level reporting, or a manager is seeing overdue certifications, each person should be able to see the data they need to see. Totara has over 90 report sources to choose from (and growing!), so you’ll always be able to find the information you need.

Configurable reports don’t lock you into a particular way of seeing things. Whether you need to edit columns, filters, data from a particular date range or from a particular group of people, Totara reports always allow you to change the way you see your data. 

Reporting is easy and data is accessible and clear. Graphical reports allow you to see information at a glance. 

Reporting Dashboards

A reporting dashboard can be a lifesaver when you need to see lots of different information at a glance. Managers, executives, and even your L&D team will need to track completions and other kinds of data at any given time. 

A flexible and configurable reporting dashboard built inside your LMS can solve this problem - one that can mix graphical and tabular data on a single page. 

Totara’s dashboards allow you to organise your reports with ease based on the type of data a particular person needs to see. A manager might see only data that relates to their direct reports; an area manager might see information only regarding their area, whereas a CEO might see information about the entire organisation. 

Not enough analytics?

Your Learning Management System should already come inbuilt with flexible and extensive reporting capabilities so you can analyse learning data. If  you need to take it to the next level and cross reference your learning data against data from other systems, using a tool to export your data could be the trick.

Androgogic’s AndroExport tool allows you to securely transfer data like completions, attendance, grade and more. AndroExport can be set up to run to a repeating schedule and export files or present them for API access, so your BI tool can let you do even more with your data.


Know straight away whether learners are certified, need further training, or are overdue for a refresher. Androgogic's specialist team is waiting to craft beautiful dashboards that meet your needs.