Analyse your learning data with Androlytics

There’s nothing worse than feeling like your learning strategy is stagnating, but not being able to objectively validate that sense. Fortunately, learning analytics can provide the tools necessary to understand, transform and grow your organisation. Learning analytics can be any data that allows for analysis of the progress or state of your L&D, whether that’s company-wide, or drilling down to teams or individuals.

In this article, we talk about learning analytics solutions and how they can motivate your organisation to thrive.

What are the benefits of learning analytics?

By providing you with a single source of truth for completions, grades, access to learning materials, and other data points, learning analytics can help you identify weaknesses and strengths in your L&D strategy. 

Learning analytics also give you the evidence you need to measure ROLI (return on learning investment) and the quality of learning being undertaken in your organisation. When you’re equipped with the information you need, you can make deliberate, trustworthy decisions that encourage growth, learning, and retention.

What should I look for in learning analytics software?

To get the ROLI you bargained for, getting the right software for your learning analytics is paramount. 

Get the most out of your learning analytics by ensuring it’s integrated with an LRS, or Learning Record Store. This means that all of your learning data is aggregated in a single source of truth and can report on all learning activities, including those that aren’t stored on a traditional LMS. 

Because an LRS is hosted away from the LMS, pulling large amounts of data from your analytics system won’t affect the performance of your system (and your users), and you get the data you need fast.

Want more on LRSs? Check out our article on sharing any learning experience with xAPI.  

Once you have the data, you should be able to view graphical or tabular reports, export that data to BI tools or other analysis software if required. The UI should be clean, efficient, and accessible. Configuration is also important—you should be able to configure the look and feel to align with your branding and standards.  

Introducing Androlytics xAPI Learning Record Store

The Androlytics xAPI Learning Record Store is a stand-alone solution that allows you to gather, analyse, and disseminate learning records without impacting the performance of your LMS. 

With Androlytics, you can slice your data any way you like. Choose from standard or custom reports, access configurable reporting dashboards showing graphical and tabular data. 

A single source of truth means that auditing and reporting has never been more accurate. Androlytics stores your data, and can export to BI tools, Excel, your LMS, and more!

Save your organisation money and time, and create visibility around the direction of your learning strategy. Get in touch to learn more about the Androlytics xAPI Learning Record Store today!