Androgogic achieves ISO27001 and ISO9001 accreditation

Monday 14 January 2022 - Androgogic is delighted to announce that it is accredited against two ISO standards, ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management Systems and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems. Androgogic was assessed and accredited by a neutral independent third party in October 2021 after a lengthy and rigorous assessment process.

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) develops internationally recognised standards created by experts in their fields. ISO standards provide an established set of requirements and standards that guide best practice. 

ISO certification is an ongoing process that ensures organisations are committed to upholding state-of-the-art practises in their business. To maintain accreditation requires continuous work and ongoing independent assessment to improve and uphold the standards in business practice. Through certification, Androgogic proves its commitment to best practice information security and quality assurance. 

The two standards Androgogic certified against are ISO27001 and ISO9001. ISO9001 is a set of Quality Management System standards that are underpinned by a strong customer focus, creating consistent and repeatable outcomes, and continual improvement. ISO27001 is a set of standards for Information Security Management Systems that increase an organisation's ability to securely manage information. 

Alexander Roche, Androgogic’s Founder and Chief Educational Technologist, sees benefits for both Androgogic and our client-partners:

“Achieving ISO certification in Quality Management and Information Security demonstrates Androgogic’s commitment to providing the best quality Education Technology services possible. We value the confidentiality of information and performing efficient and repeatable processes for our client-partners.”


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