Androgogic and The Y translate eSafety program to Simplified Chinese


Monday 16 August 2021 | Androgogic is pleased to announce that the Simplified Chinese translation of The Y’s ‘Stay Safe Online, Tell Someone’ program is now live to the public.

Androgogic’s Learning Design and Development team supported the National Safeguarding Unit to translate the three courses available as part of the program by updating course materials to align with the new translation, configuring a new Totara dashboard to house the courses, and testing the courses for quality assurance.

To access the translation, learners can click 中文 on the ‘Stay Safe Online’ homepage.

 A cartoon image of a child sitting at a computer.

The Stay Safe Online, Tell Someone Program

In March 2021, Androgogic and The Y released the ‘Stay Safe Online, Tell Someone’ program to the public. Each course contains specialised content for one of three age groups: children, young people, and adults. Since the program was launched, 95% of children and young people who have completed the program report feeling safer online than before.

The program teaches young people how to stay safe online by telling a trusted adult when they see, hear, or think something that makes them uncomfortable online.

Androgogic partnered with The Y to implement Totara Learn - the LMS component of the Totara Talent Experience platform to deliver the online training. The learning activities were designed and developed in-house by Androgogic’s Learning Design and Development team.

Why not try it out, then recommend it to others? The program is free and available to everyone.