Delivering mobile training to government employees

Learning on the go

The current world of work is fast paced, uncertain, and constantly changing. The Great Resignation is showing learning leaders that employees want training that is relevant, will help them grow, and highlights their value to their organisation.

However, not every learner has the time to attend half day seminars or to even undertake formal training on a Learning Management System (LMS). This means learning designers must learn from the very people they are designing for, and know how to use design thinking skills when developing training.

On the flip side, not all training can be done by sitting in front of a computer. Some skills must be demonstrated in order for a learner to achieve competency. Recording competency or completions, however, becomes cumbersome when trainers have to make notes by hand and then transfer them manually to an LMS.

Mobile learning

When learners have their training directly on their device—either through an app or responsive webapp—learning is no longer a chore that takes time out of their day. Instead, learning happens in the flow of work, or in those little breaks like waiting in a line or during a daily commute. 

With mobile learning, trainers can mark on the job competencies immediately, without having to use paper workflows. Learners can access their completion certificates immediately and can get to work faster. 

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How does it work?

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads offers training courses for tradespeople working in proximity to traffic. These courses highlight safety concerns, regulations, and policy surrounding this particular type of work. 

With many workers on site when they undertake the training, they will often undertake the training on a mobile phone or tablet. This means that the training must be responsive and optimised for mobile, creating a seamless and convenient user experience.

Learners can easily log into their LMS, undertake the training, and receive their certificate, all on their mobile device.

Bite-sized learning

Bite-sized learning allows learners to upskill in the time between meetings, on their daily commute, or while waiting in line, without sacrificing focus time from their already busy schedule. They’re motivated to learn because it’s quick and efficient, and it can be done at the point of need.

In Totara Engage - one component of Totara’s Talent Experience Platform - curating and sharing this kind of content is easier than ever. The playlist feature is a convenient way to share varied content on a similar theme. These playlists can be public for everyone to see or private while you’re still working on them. Curating playlists for learners to browse at the point of need allows them to take control of their learning—and they won’t need to enrol in a course to do it.