Employee engagement activities for the new year

With any luck, your employees are returning from their seasonal breaks fresh and ready to engage. But employee engagement doesn’t just happen at the start of the year (and it isn’t just luck). To keep employees on task, excited, and maintaining performance throughout the year, you need to plan your engagement strategy. 

In this article, we suggest some tips to engage your employees in 2023. 


We’ve all heard that the best way to learn is to teach, so why not incorporate mentorship into your learning strategy? Not only can your employees learn a lot from each other, a mentoring relationship can assist with performance and employee engagement.

By buddying up employees, they will gain access to:
  • Someone who can give advice about moving up or across the organisation
  • A colleague who can keep them accountable towards their goals
  • Fresh eyes on complex tasks and difficult situations
When employees are given a mentor at the beginning of their time in the organisation, it can make onboarding less stressful for the new hire. Not only will they have a friendly face showing them the ropes, but they’ll have someone they can rely on to answer their questions, increasing their engagement during the onboarding process. 

Content curation 

It’s likely that you’ve run into a situation at work where you need a fast answer to a question. Not getting that answer when you need it means that you can’t be as engaged in the problem as you could be. While knowledge management is an entire topic in itself, there are ways you can help your employees find the information they need in the flow of work. 
Start off by creating individual resources for common complex activities that employees undertake on an infrequent basis. Since these processes aren’t performed regularly, staff are unlikely to remember all of the steps correctly when they do have to undertake them. Documenting this type of process provides support to your employees as well as opportunities for ongoing process improvement as the process can be updated more easily when requirements or circumstances change. 

Let employees take control 

So, you’ve curated some content for your employees. What next? As employee engagement with your resources increases, you can encourage employees to create their own. 
Androgogic’s own Service Desk has a knowledge base that all Professional Services Technicians (psTechs) contribute to. When one psTech has a query, they can refer to the knowledge base where it’s likely another member of the team has already written a guide about how to resolve it.  If a knowledge base article is there but a little out of date, then they can review, refine and improve it easily while using it as a foundation. If there’s no information available, then they will write the article themself once they’ve found the answer. Another psTech will see that article when they need it, and the cycle begins again! 
Contributing to the knowledge base gives our psTechs a sense of ownership of the knowledge they acquire. They have the ability to teach others, and the autonomy to find the information they need when they need it. You can easily implement this yourself by using a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) to allow your employees to contribute to the growth of the entire team. LXPs boost employee engagement by allowing employees to take control of their learning. 

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