Make the most out of CPD on your LMS

In this era of rapid change, it’s important to make sure all of your employees have their skills and knowledge up to date. Whether it’s knowledge about company processes, life-saving First-Aid training, or technical knowledge, making sure your learners are operating with current qualifications gives everyone peace of mind.

Whether CPD is required to keep your employees up to date or is necessary to maintain a qualification, certain units of study are often required to maintain recall. For example, solicitors in NSW must complete 10 units of CPD within a CPD year. 

So, it’s important to be able to visualise and track learning and performance so you know exactly where you stand with your CPD progress and remaining requirements.

In this article, we talk specifically about tracking CPD units and learning requirements, but if you have questions about tracking employee performance management, you can check out our stories about managing employee performance.


The solution

At Androgogic, we understand the need for a flexible, elegant solution for corporate CPD that is integrated with a Learning Management System (LMS). That led us to develop AndroCPD: a plugin for Totara Learn which allows you to assign, track, and report on CPD activities in your organisation.

AndroCPD offers two modes: targeted and non-targeted CPD. Targeted CPD is used for employees undertaking a specific number of units of CPD in a given period (like lawyers undertaking 10 units per CPD year). Non-targeted CPD covers all CPD activities that do not contribute to a periodic goal.

In the targeted mode, AndroCPD presents an elegant graphical representation of progress, helping your learners to visualise progress and keeping them motivated.


A screenshot of the default CPD dashboard


If you have CPD units that require learners to reflect on their activities, AndroCPD comes with an activity type for course designers that lets you do just that. The Reflection activity allows your learners to add images, video, and external links in a neat HTML editor.

You can also add-in Androgogic’s eCommerce plugin if you require learners to pay for the courses they take for CPD within your LMS. Learners can pay online or offline, using PayWay or Securepay. It’s easy to browse the AndroCatalogue (Androgogic’s extended eCommerce-capable catalogue plugin), add your courses to the shopping cart and checkout, in one smooth workflow.


In practice

 Solicitors in NSW must complete 10 CPD units per CPD year in order to maintain their knowledge and keep their skillset up to date. The Law Society of NSW helps over 30 000 law professionals  keep their knowledge sharp with their LMS LawInform. LawInform is a one-stop shop for CPD, allowing learners to browse, purchase, undertake, and track their professional learning all on one platform.


A screenshot of LawInform, the NSW Law Society's LMS.


Androgogic’s implementation of the Totara Learn LMS for the Law Society of NSW includes the AndroCPD plugin. From the dashboard, learners can track their CPD targets. How much work has been completed and how much still needs to be done can all be seen at a glance. The animated graphics catch the learner’s eye and the colours are themed to be brand appropriate.

 For more information on the Law Society of NSW, check out their Customer Story.