Royal Melbourne Hospital wins Best LMS at LearnX Live 2022

Androgogic is pleased to share that Royal Melbourne Hospital won Best LMS at the LearnX Awards in late 2022. 

LearnX Live is a trusted awards program which recognises excellence in Learning and Development. Run since 2008, the summit and awards show are highly attended every year. In 2022, Androgogic and client-partners won 9 awards across a variety of award segments.

The opportunity

Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) is one of the largest healthcare providers in Victoria, with over 11,000 staff, volunteers, and students. They provide a comprehensive range of specialist medical, surgical, and mental health services as well as community, rehabilitation, and outpatient programs.

As a large hospital, onboarding and reporting capabilities are fundamental for any learning management system they use. RMH required a learning platform that facilitated efficient mandatory and onboarding training and the ability to accurately report on compliance at the point of need.

The COVID-19 pandemic made this shift more difficult. Completing essential training online became mandatory, and remote working needed to be smoother than ever.

As always, Androgogic took this challenge in hand. Read on for our solutions.

The solution

Androgogic implemented the Androgogic Edition Totara Talent Experience Platform for RMH to solve their business challenges. The audience functionality allows training to be assigned based on different aspects of a user, such as their role or business area. 

Managers were enabled to review real-time reports on compliance status, making compliance a dream. Reports were automated to send to key stakeholders, minimising administration time and money.

The Androgogic Catalogue was deployed, allowing learners to discover new learning and to self-enrol in training that interests them. 

The Androsync integration toolset was included in the build, providing for automation of user account creation, updates, suspension, and deletion. Users are bulk enrolled and added to audiences based on information from RMH’s HRIS solution. This automation takes a massive amount of grunt work away from admins. 

The results

Since the move to the Androgogic Edition Totara Talent Experience Platform, average monthly users have increased from 6,000 to 9,000. The platform has facilitated the rapid rollout of important cybersecurity training at scale, with 6,000 staff completing the training in 3 months.

Managers have cut down 1,000 hours of administrative activities per month, including allocating enrolments and reviewing completions.

Previous to the RMH Learning Hub, managers could find themselves spending hours chasing mandatory training completions. The reporting functions have allowed managers to spend less time hunting for this information as they can individualise it in their own area. Access to the RMH Learning Hub has increased productivity with many of our new starters keen to have a good start and completing their mandatory training prior to entering the building on their first day – this means clinicians are able to start treating patients quicker which is really why we all work in healthcare.” 

– Jane Jolley, Deputy Director Allied Health.