Sport Integrity wins at LearnX 2022

Androgogic is pleased to share that Sport Integrity Australia won Best Ethical Training and Best eLearning Project at the LearnX Awards in late 2022.

LearnX Live is a trusted awards program which recognises excellence in Learning and Development. Run since 2008, the summit and awards show are highly attended every year. In 2022, Androgogic and client-partners won 9 LearnX awards in a variety of categories.

The opportunity

Sport Integrity Australia provides advice and assistance to counter the use of prohibited substances and methods in sport, the abuse of children and other groups in sport, and the manipulation of sporting competitions. 

As part of the National Integrity Framework and their role in protecting vulnerable groups in sporting environments, Sport Integrity Australia developed a Child Safeguarding Policy, which then needed to be communicated quickly and effectively at the state and club level. 

Policies like these can easily get lost and forgotten, so having a course widely and freely available to all clubs, members, and individuals involved in sport - and one that is immersive and engages a wide audience - makes certain that everyone is aware of what to do, when to do it, and how their actions can impact the most vulnerable in their communities.

The solution

Androgogic’s Learning Experience Design team worked with the Child Safeguarding Unit at Sport Integrity Australia to design, develop, and deliver an online course exploring the Child Safeguarding Policy.

The course introduces national, state, and club administrators to the Policy through interactive material. Androgogic’s Learning Experience Design team created a thought-provoking course by putting the child at the centre of the storytelling, creating an emotional response that sticks with the learners as they undertake the course, and into the future. 

Through animated and narrated stories, the learners begin to understand the purpose of the policy, and how to implement it. The emotional connection forged with the stories ensures that learners are inspired to become champions of change. 

Androgogic published the learning module as a SCORM on Sport Integrity’s Androgogic Edition Totara Talent Experience Platform, which is hosted and supported by Androgogic. 

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The results

After completing the training, 94% of learners reported that they were confident in their ability to apply the recruitment and screening requirements of the Child Safeguarding Policy. Participants report that they’re more aware of what Child Abuse is and Sport Integrity’s policy about safeguarding. 

I feel as though I knew the content pretty well going into the course. But there was a lot of intricacies that I was missing. It was enlightening to learn about and understanding what to do if I was concerned about the safety of young people other than contacting law enforcement. 

Anonymous Learner 


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