The powerful partnership between the McGrath Foundation and Androgogic

For three years running, Androgogic and the McGrath Foundation have had a partnership like no other. When the McGrath Foundation is helping individuals and their families coping with breast cancer, Androgogic is helping the McGrath Foundation. 

Our partnership began in 2019, and it hasn’t stopped growing since then. Androgogic and the McGrath Foundation have worked consistently over three years to provide exceptional learning for breast cancer nurses across Australia. With multiple awards and recognition under our combined belts, there’s no doubt our partnership is a great one.


The McGrath Foundation was founded by Jane and Glenn McGrath after Jane was moved by her experience with her breast cancer nurse. The Foundation aims to provide people experiencing breast cancer and their families with access to the specialist care and support provided by breast care nurses, anywhere in Australia..

The McGrath Foundation has:

  • Funded 177 McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities across Australia
  • Supported 100,000 individuals and their families since 2005
  • Completed 253,422 hours of McGrath Breast Care nursing for individuals and their families in the last year

Specialist care is provided to people experiencing breast cancer and their families through the McGrath Model of Care. Each McGrath Breast Care Nurse uses this evidenced-based model and training to support the people they care for. 

Find out more about the McGrath Model of Care.


To provide their best level of care, breast cancer nurses must be trained in the McGrath Model of Care. To do this, Androgogic collaborated with the McGrath Foundation to design and develop an integrated, best-practice Learning Management System built on the Totara Talent Experience Platform. 

The Androgogic Totara LMS is fully tailored to suit the McGrath Foundation’s learning needs, from configuration, to user experience design, to learning design. The flexible nature of the Totara Talent Experience Platform means that the system could be configured to not only suit the McGrath Foundation’s technical requirements, but their design requirements too. 

Androgogic’s products and services are provided to the McGrath Foundation at a discounted rate in order to help them achieve their mission in Australia.


McGrath Foundation provides leading training in breast cancer nursing, developing programs with in house expertise and collaborating with their rich network of experts and partners. Androgogic supports this effort with an experienced digital learning team to collaboratively design effective learning experiences. Through our partnership we have developed methods for working closely, drawing the expertise of all involved. This has produced new programs and enhancements to existing courses.

The McGrath Model of Care SCORM activity developed by Androgogic.

A video embedded into a SCORM activity developed by Androgogic.

The McGrath Model of Care SCORM activity developed by Androgogic.


In 2021, the McGrath Foundation and Androgogic won two prestigious LearnX Diamond awards for Best Blended Learning Model and Best Content Curation Project. These awards recognised the incredible impact that these training programs had on breast cancer nurses.

The Metastatic Breast Cancer Nurse Training Program (mBCNTP) was a collaboration between the McGrath Foundation, Monash Health, Monash University, and the Southern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service. 

No specific training program existed for metastatic breast cancer nurses, so McGrath Foundation sought Androgogic’s expertise in developing a blended training program. The training consists of an online training component on McGrath Foundation’s LMS, a 3-day clinical practicum, and bi-monthly clinical supervision. This project won the Best Blended Learning Model award at LearnX Live in 2021.

The IBIS Survivorship Nurse-Enabled Shared-Care Model won Best Content Curation Project at LearnX Live. The project is part of a large National Health and Medical Research Centre (NHMRC) funded randomised clinical trial conducted by Queensland University of Technology in partnership with the McGrath Foundation, implementing and evaluating a shared follow-up care model between cancer specialists and GPs for people who have completed treatment for early breast cancer.


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