Top benefits from partnering with a SaaS provider for your LMS

#1 More brains on the same system

While hosting your own LMS can give you a huge amount of control over your system, it can be isolating. When problems arise, your answers come asynchronously. And, if there’s an emergency, the responsibility of resolving it is down to you.

A SaaS solution gives you more brains working on the same system. No more late nights trying to fix problems. Instead, you get real-time solutions and a team working with you to get the results you want.

No more unnecessary downtime. More time for the things that matter.

#2 Replication

Q: What separates a good provider from a great one?

A: Constant improvement.

Processes and systems become reliable when they are constantly repeated and refined. A provider with hundreds of implementations under its belt and with an eye for best practice is always going to give you the best shot at a smooth, simple implementation project.  

When you engage a SaaS provider, you’re engaging all of the cumulative knowledge from all of the clients that came before. That way, you’re always getting the cutting edge of experience. 

#3 Community

When you partner with a SaaS provider for your LMS, you’re not just getting the LMS. You get the combined knowledge from all of the partnerships that came before you, and all of those people who are using the system today. 


An LMS provider with experience in your industry is going to have the knowledge and tools to help you with your specific needs. For example, if you work in the healthcare industry, you might need help integrating with particular systems, managing repeated training like Basic Life Support and Hand Hygiene, or generating reports to audit course completion and certification.

Forming a community with other learning developers in your industry will help you find great resources, brainstorm with others, and enhance your skills. A great LMS provider will provide you with opportunities to connect with their other clients so that you can build your skills and always have access to best of breed technology and tools.

A group of people have a much louder voice than just one person. When you get together with other users of the same product, you can rally together to highlight the importance of certain changes, share expertise and costs in commissioning new functionality, and reap the benefits together.