Androgogic’s Learning Content Management System (LCMS) offers a secure platform to store, audit, maintain, and update learning objects.

Androgogic’s LCMS is built on the powerful Alfresco Enterprise Content Management System. 

The AndroLCMS offers a single source of truth for learners and always offers the most up-to-date version of a learning object. Smart content metadata tagging and post-search filtering improve keyword search functionality, so learners and course authors can always find the content they need.




Course authors can drag and drop content into the LCMS to use on their Learning Management System (LMS) either directly in the LCMS or by dropping the content onto the course in the LMS directly. Alternatively, Androgogic also offer the ‘Houdini’ tool to automatically extract legacy content from the LMS into the LCMS and replace all instances of the learning object with a link to the LCMS.

All accesses to the LCMS are precisely tracked, complying with requirements from the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). Administrators can conduct reporting tasks from the graphical user interface. There is also an export report data from the LCMS for custom queries

Content licensing arrangements can also be tracked with Digital Rights Management (DRM). DRM is captured in the LCMS at the point of upload using metadata. This means DRM can be applied to any or all content objects such as journal articles, book extracts, music, images and artistic works in the LMS & LCMS.

The LCMS also facilitates the quality management of learning objects with the LCMS’s lifecycle management functionality. Review periods and expiry dates can be set, access to deprecated content can be blocked and content ownership can be assigned and managed to assist preservation of content integrity. It also allows individual knowledge objects to be linked to others so that e.g. changes to one object can be set to throw related objects into workflow for review or update.

With OEM support for key Educational Technology standards such as IMS Content Packaging (IMS CP) and SCORM, including a Sharable Content Object (SCO) run-time integration with the Totara and Moodle LMSs, the AndroLCMS has everything you need.  


An LCMS isn’t just a storage box for learning objects. It’s a solution that assures the quality of your learning objects and gives your learners the opportunity to find what they need when they need it.