Urkund Anti-plagiarism System

Urkund and Androgogic offer the world's leading Anti-plagiarism System

The Urkund Anti-plagiarism System (APS) has been developed over 20 years and has scored significantly higher on the detection of plagiarism than other available systems. It has also proven to need far less support than other systems, and is very competitively priced.


The Urkund Anti-plagiarism System offers sophisticated plagiarism reports including statistics and comparisons as well as inline markup in assignments.

  • Overview – what you need to quickly assess whether you need to spend more time digging into similarities.
  • Findings view – the classic side-by-side view, enabling users to compare the submitted text with the matched sources.
  • Whole document view – the full document text and the matched sources in one single scrollable screen.
  • Sources view – allowing users to focus on the “forensics” to understand which sources are related to the text (great for researchers).

Adapted from: Witasp, P. (2019) 'The Key Factors When Choosing An APS' [PowerPoint presentation], Urkund, Sweden

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The Urkund Anti-plagiarism System offers different User Experiences for different roles, with particular focus on the different needs  of teachers, researchers and students.


The Urkund Anti-plagiarism System continously crawls for and updates source data including published material, the Internet and student materials.

Urkund-Anti-plagiarism-System-Academic-Sources.png   Urkund-Anti-plagiarism-System-Internet-Sources.png   Urkund-Anti-plagiarism-System-Student-Sources.png


There are existing integrations for key LMSs including Moodle, Totara, Canvas, Blackboard and Google Classroom.

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