xAPI AndroLytics Learning Record Store

The AndroLytics xAPI Learning Record Store offers the opportunity to collect and report on learning activities from a range of sources including the Totara Learn LMS

xAPI_v2-01.pngAndroLytics - The Androgogic Learning Record Store (LRS) is a standalone Software as a Service (SaaS) product powered by Experience API (xAPI). It enables efficient and productive aggregation, dissemination and analysis of learning records. The data stored in AndroLytics LRS can be accessed by LMSs, reporting tools, or other LRSs. 

AndroLytics LRS leverages and extends xAPI by providing key organisational benefits:

  • Distributed reporting without impacting LMS performance
  • Efficient aggregation of data from multiple environments outside of traditional 'all-in-one' system boundaries
  • Easy, seamless access for users to a dynamic variety of visual reports and dashboard analytics from a single source of trusted data

It resides in the scalable Androgogic cloud environment and new releases and upgrades are immediately available.

If you are interested in AndroLytics xAPI LRS, please contact us.