Join Androgogic at the Totara APAC User Conference in Sydney 5-6 June 2018


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The next Totara APAC User Conference is on Sydney 5-6 June 2018.  It is all about bringing together the Totara Community from a wide variety of industry sectors to collaborate and learn from each other's experience. 

It is a great professional development opportunity for everyone involved in using Totara products. 

The format will be a one-day Main Conference followed by a day of optional, mostly Partner-run, workshops.

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Androgogic will be facilitating these workshops on Day 2:

The Pink Elephant in the room has a Smartphone

The how and why of implementing the new Totara App for a Totara Learn

The workshop will take you through a step-by-step process for implementing the new Totara mLearn App with Totara Learn LMS and/or Totara Social. It will draw on Androgogic'spractical experience implementing in the field. We will look at how the mobile API operates and at the available features and how to use them. These include e.g. push notifications, custom branding, offline content, cross App workflow and more. Along the way we will examine the overall value proposition and why Responsive Design and a browser is not enough and thus an App is needed.  


A behind the scenes look at a range of ways SCORM is still being used effectively today in the age of LTI in content delivery and integrations specifically including:

  • examining the imsmanifest.xml including key metadata fields that you want to fill in when you create packages
  • the different behaviours of the two LMS API callback methods
  • how to create and configure packages correctly
  • viewing SCORM packages effectively in Totara
  • a modal popup approach
  • lightweight SCORM packages with JavaScript callback wrappers (eg. GO1 SCORM packages within Totara Content)
  • a fast approach to SCORM troubleshooting using the built-in tools.

See you there!