AndroAVETMISS - RTO Reporting from the LMS

Androgogic provides a custom AVETMISS module to support our client-partners who operate as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Androgogic provides a custom AVETMISS module to support our client-partners who operate as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). The ‘AndroAVETMISS collection and reporting LMS module - version 2.0’ is compliant with the ‘AVETMISS VET Provider Collection specifications: release 8.0’ and has the following features:

  • AndroAVETMISS enables data collection and verification in the LMS against the AVETMISS VET Provider Collection specifications: release 8.0
  • Data collection is validated to ensure:
    • mandatory AVETMISS fields are collected
    • data complies with AVETMISS classifications
    • data complies with the data provided in the AVETMISS system files
  • AVETMISS data is easily retrievable, reportable and can be exported in the correct format as required for submission to NCVER.

AndroAVETMISS produces the following valid files:

  • Mandatory files:
    • Training organisation (NAT00010)
    • Client contact details (NAT00085)
    • Training organisation delivery location (NAT00020)
    • Disability (NAT00090)
    • Program (NAT00030)
    • Prior educational achievement (NAT00100)
    • Subject (NAT00060)
    • Training activity (NAT00120)
    • Client (NAT00080)
    • Program completed (NAT00130)
  • Optional files
    • Training organisation (NAT00010A)
      Training organisation (NAT00010A)

The module includes a number of components that can be managed by an LMS Administrator, including:

  • ‘AVETMISS data collection’: this component enables the collection of AVETMISS user profile data from users enrolled in accredited courses and enables this data to be left incomplete for users in non-accredited courses
  • ‘AVETMISS report’: allows the generation of AVETMISS reports in the required valid format for download and submission to NCVER.
  • The 'USI' activity enables a learner to set up and/or verify a USI (Unique Student Identifier). The USI verification form is an ‘activity’ that can be added to courses to check if the user’s USI is valid. There is also a link to the Australian Government USI site so that users can create a USI if they don’t have one.
  • The competency-activity linker enables one or more Units of Competency to be linked to the completion of an individual learning activity in a course to augment LMS functionality wherein competencies can be linked to course completions.