Androgogic at HR + L&D Innovation and Tech Fest 2020

Last week, Androgogic had the pleasure of attending HR + L&D Innovation and Tech Fest as Thought Leader sponsors. Joining Androgogic was Peter Morrow from Androgogic client partner Eastern Health.

Penny Locaso, CEO of HackingHappy, opened the conference by emphasising the importance of cultivating a new intelligence - that of intentional adaptation.

“Slowing down can actually make you more effective, [it] can make you happier and healthier."

In conversation with Alexander Roche, Peter Mellow explored how the COVID-19 pandemic encouraged a new philosophy of learning and teaching for Eastern Health. The organisation produced over 140 new courses in 2020 (up from 72 in 2019) and is currently collaborating with Androgogic on smarter ways to integrate Recognition of Prior Learning into their LMS. Peter praised Androgogic’s service and communication skills and the strength of the partnership between Eastern Health and Androgogic. “Normally, I wouldn’t endorse vendors, but I have no problems at all endorsing Alexander and his team.” 

HR + L&D Innovation and Tech Fest brought world-leading minds together to discuss the most meaningful developments in HR and L&D. For more information on Eastern Health, visit their website. To keep up to date with Androgogic at conferences and webinars, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.