Androgogic at LearnX Live: Wrapup

Last week Androgogic had the pleasure of attending the LearnX Live Summit and Awards Show with our partner Totara as platinum sponsors. Over two days, LearnX Live presented talks from every corner of learning and development.

Sonja Davenport-Petersen gave an exciting introduction into Totara’s Talent Experience Platform (TXP). Sonja underscored that modern work is “tech driven, complex, and interdependent,” and that modern LMSs need to reflect that. Totara’s TXP combines learning, performance, and engagement to meet the needs of the modern organisation.

Dale Chadwick, Learning Technology Manager at Austin Health, highlighted some of his key takeaways from working in Health Learning Technology during the COVID19 pandemic. He mentioned that working on “non-urgent” tasks and remembering that “rapid” development doesn’t always mean “not as good” development helped him work effectively during the pandemic. He also highly regarded Androgogic’s partnership with Austin Health, counting himself lucky that Androgogic’s Totara LMS could assist his team with SCORM packages.

Alexander Roche represented Androgogic on Day 2, following the learner’s journey from the offline “wood cabin” of the 1990s, to LMSs and LXPs in 2020, calling the changes “quite extraordinary.” He explored Totara’s Engage platform and stressed that “A good user experience is not just about a pretty GUI, it’s about a user journey that’s appropriate.” When it came to the question of whether an LMS or LXP is better for learners, Alexander said, “It’s not a question of LMS or LXP, it’s a question of both.”

Androgogic offers its congratulations to Androgogic client-partners who won awards on Day 1 of the summit:

  • AFL Coaches Association, Platinum for Best Learning & Development Project and Gold for Best Learning & Development Project
  • Griffith University, Gold for Best Integrated Training Project (VR & Online)
  • Austin Health, Gold for Best Learning & Development Project
  • First Nations Foundation, Gold for Best New E-Learning Adopter and Platinum for Best Learning Management System
  • Endeavour Foundation, Silver for Best Learning Management System

Androgogic congratulates all presenters and award winners and looks forward to next year’s LearnX Summit. Relive the excitement of LearnX Live on our Twitter page, where we kept up the momentum with our live-tweets.