Endeavour Foundation wins Gold at LearnX Live

Androgogic congratulates Endeavour Foundation for their Gold recognition for Best Learning Management System at LearnX Live last year. Established in 1951, Endeavour Foundation’s vision is to support people with an intellectual disability to achieve their dreams and goals, with a focus on life-skills and education. 

Endeavour’s ‘Engage’ LMS was developed in collaboration with Androgogic to reduce the cost of in-person training, developing new training initiatives, and the maintenance of in-house software. Additionally, the LMS aimed to increase engagement and participation through virtual classrooms and elearning.

Melissa Bayly, Digital Learning Specialist for Endeavour Foundation, reported that “The project was delivered on time and on budget with a project management approach that enabled a fast track implementation without compromising quality...Our staff and management have been very positive with the successful implementation of a central repository, single point of access for all content, inclusion of video, audio, podcasts, animations and SCORM content and personalized dashboards for our staff, apprentices, trainees, volunteers and contract staff."

Due to the success of the LMS, Endeavour Foundation is planning further improvements, including adding performance management and appraisal capabilities, webinar integration, and a courseware refresh.

Androgogic looks forward to supporting Endeavour Foundation’s future work. For more information on Endeavour Foundation and Androgogic, check out their Totara Customer Story. For more on Androgogic’s award winning client-partners, click here.