Griffith University and Androgogic win Gold at LearnX Live

Griffith University and Androgogic were awarded Gold recognition for the MATE Bystander Program at LearnX Live this year. The program was recognised in the Best Integrated Training Project (VR + Online) category. Combining the interactivity of VR and SCORM technologies, the program empowers learners to interrupt problematic behaviour that leads to gender-based violence. 

In the program, learners can immerse themselves in VR scenarios where they are bystanders to problematic behaviour. The bystander is then able to choose their response and witness the outcome to prepare them to make these decisions in real life. Where a face-to-face version of this program was limited by the resources required for a full-scale roll out across the university and beyond, Androgogic’s expertise in online education design and development helped to convert the course into an engaging online learning experience that could easily be rolled out across all campuses.

At present, the MATE program has been rolled out to Griffith University students and staff, and feedback is overwhelmingly positive. The program is also being made available to other organisations to help combat gender-based violence.

Androgogic congratulates Griffith University on their win, and looks forward to working with them on future projects.