Discover multitenancy on the Totara Talent Experience Platform

On Wednesday 27 January at 10PM AEDT, join Meredith Henson, Totara’s Senior Solutions Consultant for a live demonstration of new multitenancy features across the Totara Talent Experience Platform (TXP). The Totara TXP comes with a variety of enhancements to the system, including the integration of Totara Learn, Totara Perform, and Totara Engage. 

Advanced multitenancy allows organisations to accommodate multiple groups with their own distinctly branded and isolated user environments. This provides organisations with a streamlined admin experience while supporting multiple entities from the same Totara Learn instance. 

Each of these entities are added as tenants in the Totara Learn LMS and has access to their own:

  • Dashboards;
  • Learning activity; 
  • Members; and
  • Customisable theme

Totara’s advanced multitenancy capabilities are a hotly anticipated feature to Totara’s latest release. Find out more about how multitenancy can enhance your organisation by registering for the live webinar here.