The Androgogic Learning Content Management System allows management of content quality, version control, management of digital rights, search and discovery and collaboration and workflow.

Androgogic offer an optional Learning Content Management System component for the Educational Technology platform.




This system is built on the extremely powerful Enterprise Content Management system, Alfresco and solves the content management needs of an education initiative.

It allows detailed control over content including metadata management for search, access control, workflow management for collaboration and digital rights management. It allows version control including the ability to update a learning object once and automatically publish to many courses as well as facilitating content sharing across different business units. It also allows individual knowledge objects to be linked to others so that e.g. changes to one object can be set to throw related objects into workflow for review or update.

The LCMS also contains support for key online learning standards such as SCORM and IMS content packages.

The platform also includes a sophisticated and smooth integration of the LCMS with the LMS including Automatic Sign-on (ASO), drag and drop uploading and a student facing Content Search Activity that can return results from a free text search across the document contents of all the readings or other materials for a specific course.