Androgogic is a proud reseller of the world-leading Class virtual classroom. We make this available either integrated into the Androgogic Totara Edition or as a stand-alone product for use with our client-partners existing system and staff.

Class offers enhanced features of the Zoom & Microsoft Teams world-class Webinar systems and provides more learning and teaching-related capabilities including:

  • Live content collaboration
  • Enhanced breakout rooms
  • Live polls & quizzes
  • Personalised learning support
  • Templates & workflows
  • Proctoring solution for exam monitoring
  • Chat GPT mentoring including catching up a late student
  • User engagement tracking & analytics
  • Integration with the Androgogic Totara Edition seminar event management suite

CLASS - Best-in-class digital live learning

Built on Zoom & Teams

Class is the online platform that makes it easy to engage with learners and run immersive, interactive lessons without ever leaving our secure learning environment. Learn how Class transforms the teaching and learning experience for online and hybrid classes.

About Class

Class’s mission is to change the way the world learns together. Founded as a fully-remote company of learning technology veterans, we live and breathe the experiences we need to create for employees regardless if they walk into or log into the work day.

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We’ve built a live, virtual learning platform built on Zoom & Teams to support human-centric learning at scale and create active learning experiences rich with quality content to drive better learning outcomes.