Androgogic is the #1 Totara Partner in Asia Pacific. We have helped organisations of all sizes with Educational Technology Solutions that meet their specific needs. The solution includes the ground breaking Totara TXP

Totara TXP is the leading enterprise-level Learning Platform. It includes the multi-award winning and meteorically successful, Totara Learn LMS as well as paradigm shifting Learning Experience Platform (LXP), Totara Engage and the highly contemporary Platform Management System, Totara Perform. The TXP is transforming organisational learning for over 23 million people worldwide. Its rich set of features can be tailored to meet your needs, providing a highly flexible and cost effective solution.

Totara TXP and Androgogic


Flexible and Feature Rich Open Source

The Totara TXP has an extensive feature set that competes with proprietary Learning Management Systems (LMSs) such as Saba, Cornerstone and Success Factors and provides better value for many organisations.


Direct and encourage learning

Totara provides management with sophisticated tools for corporate learning and talent management. Take full advantage of Totara’s comprehensive management features with Androgogic’s expertise and packaged frameworks for Social Learning and Performance Management for rapid deployment and streamlined implementation.


Empower your organisation

In Totara Learn, course developers have complete control in designing and developing engaging learning experiences for multiple devices. Managers have access to off-the-shelf, customisable resources and access to rich reporting. The organisation and can brand and repurpose content for different situations. Totara Learn allows the traditional training paradigm of 'administrator curated and managed training' to be continued to be supported but integration with Totara Engage provides access to the new and parallel paradigm of learner curated, social and collaborative learning to be achieved.


Androgogic - your Educational Technology expert

As a specialist Educational Technology infrastructure & services company, Androgogic is a vital Educational Technology partner to our clients. Androgogic offers a complete service for implementing, hosting and supporting our client-partner's Educational Technology Platform including integration with enterprise applications in HR, finance and customer relationship management.

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