Social learning is vital for every organisation where people are either in the office, geographically distributed or online. We all need open access to corporate knowledge, assistance with daily tasks and continuous learning in the workplace.


Social learning supports the continuous learning process within teams, groups and organisations. Capture the synergies in your workplace by taking advantage of Totara Social - an enterprise social learning platform to capture and reuse workplace knowledge.

Totara Social is the enterprise social network designed to foster collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing across your organisation.It is the leading open source enterprise social network that is customisable, cost-effective and integrates seamlessly with Totara LMS. Totara Social is designed to facilitate meaningful communication, knowledge exchange, cooperative sharing and development of ideas and information, and mentoring in a collaborative and productive environment.

Social Learning with Totara Social


Knowledge transfer pathways

Create one-way, two-way or matrix style pathways to facilitate collaboration and cooperation in the workplace.Ask questions, establish mentoring relationships, and generate answers that can be shared. Replies can be sorted according to date, Likes, or greatest number of votes and are searchable and shareable.


Social networking when it matters

Workplace networking is enhanced with Totara Social and organisation can actively try to break the silos with Connections and Groups. People can stay in touch with others through the right level of controls—without all the noise.


Fast-track implementation with Androgogic

Androgogic helps organisations implement Totara Social with our product expertise, proven functionality, a responsive hosting environment, support. Our services assist clients from rollout to acceptance management, to administration and training. We also provide ongoing support and coaching, using face-to-face and online training workshops, and an extended hours support service and, if needed, support in administrative tasks.